Kate Pappas and Jonnie Morris are Jonnie & Kate Films. We are a dynamic documentary and multimedia team whose complimentary skills are geared towards creating high end films to match any brief.

Jonnie & Kate are committed to making engaging documentaries for both broadcast and multi-platform with a strong visual style. Their current slate includes a variety of science, arts, environmental and general factual ideas.


Deception By Design

Through rarely seen archive, interviews with leading experts and arresting visual graphics, DECEPTION BY DESIGN reveals the untold story of how artists were recruited by the military to fool the enemy in modern warfare.

Despite resistance and often ridicule, artists were recruited in both the first and second world wars to devise ways to protect troops and deceive the enemy by using their artistic skills and intimate knowledge of perspective, illusion, shadow and movement. Inspired by nature and influenced by the modernist movements of their day, camoufleurs created bizarre decoys, dummy tanks and elaborate sets to conceal military installations. They painted thousands of ships in bold, arresting stripes and patterns to confuse enemy submarines. When war went hi-tech there was no room for artists, but over the past few decades artists have reclaimed camouflage for their work. Now, the race is on for the ultimate in camouflage, invisibility, and artists are again in the frame. Using rarely seen archive, interviews with leading experts and arresting visual graphics, this quirky and energetic 1 hour documentary reveals the untold story of the art of deception in war.

Broadcast 2015/6 on ABC 1 & ABC iView

Stream it today on VHX!


Dazzle: The Hidden Story of Camouflage

Since time began human beings have been locked in an evolutionary arms race of hide and seek.  A life and death game fo cat and mouse, predator and prey, relying on camouflage for survival.

Dazzle: The Hidden Story of Camouflage uncovers a world of design, where cubism, cuttlefish and warships collide. It’s survival of the fittest, and perception can be a matter of life or death.